Mandatory Response to Locate Notifications

All underground operators are required to provide electronic positive response to Nebraska811 for every ticket received. That status is then communicated to the excavator, along with any notes, allowing them to know when they could start their jobs without having to make a trip to the site.

Any utility that is not currently configured to provide positive response should contact Nebraska811 as soon as possible at neltm@occinc.com (include your name, company name, a phone number and any questions you may have), or by phone at 866-679-9076.

Click HERE for an interactive tutorial on how to status your tickets electronically.

Mandatory Damage Reporting

(76-2326) Ensure all damages to underground facilities are reported directly to the One Call Center, by the excavator that incurred the damage.

Reporting a One Call Violation

(76-2325) Download the form to report a violation to the Attorney General’s Office here.

Register as a Member Utility or Update Your Notification Area Map

(76-2318, 76-2320) : Visit here to access IMAP or contact mapping@occinc.com.