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Regulation Changes effective 8/13/2019


Ticket Start Time:  Previously, the start times were calculated on a 'rolling' two working day notice. For example, a request made Monday at noon could have a start date as early as Wednesday at noon. As of 8/13/2019, the new calculation will not include the day the request is made to provide for a full two working day notice. For example, a request made Monday at noon would require a start date of sometime on Thursday (Monday doesn't count, Tuesday and Wednesday would be two full working days).


Ticket Life:  The ticket life will be calculated by adding 17 calendar days to the start date and time requested on the ticket. For example, a ticket with a start time of 9/1/19 at noon would have an expiration date of 9/18/19 at noon.  The ticket will no longer be valid after 17 days.  Refresh tickets should be requested anytime marks are destroyed or become unusable, but a refresh will be required if work will continue beyond the expiration date. In order to avoid delays, refresh tickets should be completed at least two working days before the ticket expires. A ticket expiration date will be indicated on the ticket.



Mandatory Electronic Positive Response

Screenshot of the utility status

All underground operators in NE are required to provide electronic positive response to NE811 for every ticket received. That status is then communicated to the excavator, along with any notes, allowing them to know when they could start their jobs without having to make a trip to the site. 

  • How to check utility status:
    • Status can be checked anytime via the link in the confirmation email received when the ticket was processed.
    • An email will be sent to the excavator once all utilities have statused their ticket.  (Note: excavators may also receive emails from the individual utilities)

Note:  Per 76-2321 An excavator may commence work before the start time when all the affected operators have notified the excavator that the location of all the affected operator's underground facilities have been marked or that the operators have no underground facilities in the location of the proposed excavation.

MEMBER UTILITIES:  Any utility that is not currently configured to provide positive response should contact NE811 as soon as possible at: including your name, company name, a contact phone number, and any questions you may have or by phone to 866-679-9076.


Marking Standards:  Effective 8/13/2019, operators shall mark lines using the APWA color code (link to color code graphic currently on website under Excavator tab).  Markings shall include the use of paint, flags, stakes, whiskers, signs, or posts or any combination of these. Painted spots or dots can be used to identify utilities; the direction of the facility must be identifiable.  Offsets can be used when there is a strong likelihood that the marks may be destroyed. Offsets are placed parallel to the running line of the facility. The offset shall indicate the distance and direction from the offset to the facility.  When known, the markings shall include: the size of the facility, if over 2 inches in width; the material make-up of the facility, and the facility (owner) name.

  • Hand Digging:  Hand digging shall be required within eighteen inches plus half the width of the marked underground facility. A person shall expose the underground facility to its outermost surfaces by hand or other nondestructive techniques.
    • Definition of Hand Digging:  any excavation involving non-mechanized tools or equipment. It shall include but not be limited to, digging with shovels, picks, and manual post-hole diggers, vacuum excavation or soft digging.



Color Code:  Operators must mark their lines using the APWA color code.


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