Report all Damages to Nebraska811—It’s the Law.

As digging season nears, remember to always report all damaged utilities to Nebraska811.

As stated in Nebraska Statute 76-2326: Damage; duty of excavator. If any underground facility is damaged, dislocated or disturbed before or during excavation, the excavator shall immediately notify the center (Nebraska811). An excavator shall not conceal or attempt to conceal damage, dislocation or disturbance of an underground facility and shall not repair or attempt to repair the underground facility unless authorized by the operator of the underground facility.

Why is damage reporting required?

  • It ensures that the correct utility company is notified of the damage
  • It notifies all utility companies with facilities located near the damaged facility, and allows them to determine whether the integrity of their underground facilities has been (or will be) affected
  • It provides an instant notification to the affected utility company, allowing them to quickly access and arrange for any needed repairs to avoid injury to the public or service interruptions

How to report a damage to Nebraska811

All damages must be reported to Nebraska811 by either dialing 8-1-1 or 800-331-566. You will be asked for the ticket number of the original locate request, along with any associated details involving the location of the damaged facility(s). Please note, if you were illegally excavating without a current Nebraska811 locate request at the time of the damage, you are still required to call Nebraska811 and notify them of the damage.

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