Attorney General's Report

Nebraska Attorney General's Office Report of One Call Activity from October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016


62 investigatory files opened during time period

58 files closed during time period

14 files placed in remediation/still in remediation (settlement reached, civil penalty assessed: monitoring compliance with Act for a period of time pursuant to Consent Decree)

Civil penalties assessed: *$36,250.00

32 files still open and under investigation/processing to disposition at end of time period


-- Approx. 25 additional outside contacts (Miscellaneous calls, e-mails or other inquiries re: One-Call One-Call law not related to a specific investigatory file)


-- Miscellaneous e-mails or consultations with One-Call board members, SFM, Nebraska One-Call Center re: One-Call issues not directly related to specific investigatory files


*Assessment of civil penalties and inclusion in this report is determined by the date the Consent Decree is signed by the Court or when settlement is received, if no Consent Decree. Amount of civil penalties includes total amount assessed, including any amount which may be waived after successful remediation period.

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