Marking Standards

1. General Marks

(as can be reasonably seen based on terrain)

2. Single Facility

(indicate center of single toned facility)

3. Multiple Facilities

(same type facilities where separate signal is not possible)

4. Conduit or Oversize Facility

(diamond enclosed by outside edge of facility)

5. Corridor Mark

(same type facilities where number is not known)

6. Bends

(radius indicated with marks depicting arc)

7. Laterals

(mark as a “T” – indicate any change in size or direction)

8. Painted Offset

(arrow with distance to center of facility)

9. Staked Offset

(arrow with distance to center of facility)

10. Vaults

(mark edges and arrow toward visible access)

11. Terminations

(indicates capped end of a facility)

12. “Clear” or “Ok”

(CLEAR or OK indicates no conflict)

13. Appurtenance or Splice

(valves or fittings elevated from main facility depth)

14. Continuation of Facility

(arrows indicated facility continues beyond locate area)