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Nebraska One-Call Enforcement Report 

By Milissa Johnson-Wiles, Assistant Attorney General


In 2014, the Attorney General’s Office received 45 complaints alleging violations of Nebraska’s One-Call Violation Act, and 32 were resolved. The violations ranged from failing to call the One-Call Center prior to excavation, causing damage, to failing to notify the One-Call Center of damage to an underground facility. A total of $35,000.00 in civil penalties was assessed against various contractors throughout the state for violations of the One-Call Act. Some of the assessed civil penalties may be waived if a contractor maintains compliance with the One-Call Act for a period of time, and attends a Damage Prevention Safety Education course approved by the State Fire Marshal. Civil penalties are allocated to the local school fund in the county where the violation occurred.   


Once a complaint is received, the Attorney General’s Office reviews the complaint and conducts additional investigation, if necessary.  A notice of potential violation will be sent to the contractor, with an opportunity to respond to the complaint. If you have questions, or would like to file a complaint, please visit our website at and click “contact us” to find the complaint. A complaint may also be found on the Nebraska811 website.

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